Sonicare Rebate

Sonicare Coupons & Promotions for November

**Update** I found several new coupons this morning for the Sonicare they include : $15 off Sonicare Flexcare Coupon $10 off Sonicare 3 Series Coupon $10 off Sonicare Airfloss Coupon $5 off Sonicare 2 Series Coupon Don’t forget to check out the other one’s I posted below earlier in the month! There are several deals […]

New Sonicare Toothbrush Rebate – Valid Until October 2015

I’ve found several Sonicare Rebates that you can use to save up to $40 off a new electric toothbrush. I’ve posted details and links to all the rebate forms hopefully your able to use them to save some money this month. The first one I found was a manufacture rebate form offered by Philips.  This […]